Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918


Russian Stamps used in Finland


1915 Semi-Postal Charity Stamps, Coloured paper


1915 Semi-Postal Charity Stamps, white paper

1-1k 3-1k 10+1k

Russian 1914 and 1915 Charity Issue

Colored paper (earliest 18. Sept. 1914)
1+1k, 3+1k, 7+1k, and 10+1k

White paper (earliest 16. Mar. 1915)
1+1k, 3+1k, and 10+1k

all 7 stamps are found in 3 diff. perforations 11½, 12½, and 13½, though some of them are very rare.

Imperforated stamps are as far as I know not known with Finnish postmarks.

These stamps were issued by the Imperial Patriotic Women's Association in aid of wounded soldiers and their families and the Association were also distributing the stamps to the post offices in Finland. The stamps were not sold overall - only where the local postmaster allowed the sale.

Permission of the sale are to be found in Circular no 55 of 18. Sept. 1914  - the one I show here are from 9. Feb. 1915 - and tells how to use stamps and how to settle the account with the Association and the GPO.

On the back of this circular one of each stamp with ОВРАЭЕЦЪ(SPECIMEN)overprint are placed.  

jpg/russian_used_in_finland/rif_velg_cirk.JPG (126581 byte)(click image for full size)




10+1k 1914 Charity stamp on colored paper
variant:  Broken lance


Broken lance
1915 Charity - White paper 1915 Charity - stamps on white paper
with Finnish postmarks 
7+1k was not sold in Finland
( domestic letter-rate was now 10k)



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