Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

Finnish Postal Stationaries


Ring type issue

Issued 1. May. 1891
Typography printing at the Russian State Printing Office, St. Petersburg
Denomination in Russian currency (Kopeck)
Demonetized: 14. May 1911
Size (a) 145 x 80mm and (b) 145 x 120; all 4 values printed in both sizes


7k 161 000
10k 21 200
14k 20 200
20k 20 200

Small size 7 kop cover sent from Fredrikshamn in Dec. 1891 to St. Petersburg.

Large size 7 kop cover sent from Helsinki in March 1895 to St. Petersburg.

Large size 10 kop cover used in December 1897, uprated to 2nd weight class, mixed franking with ring-type stationary and m-1895 issue, sent per shipsmail to Stockholm

Large size 14 kop cover sent registered from Helsinki to St. Petersburg. Stamped registration mark with contry name in three languages; Swedish, Finnish and Russian. This mark was used in Helsinki Oct. 1894-Dec. 1895.

Small size 20 kop cover uprated with 1 kop to meet 2nd weight class, registrated rate. Cover sent from Helsinki in March 1903 via St. Petersburg to Arensburg, Livland (Estonia).

Large size 20 kop sent registered from Björneborg / Pori in April 1902 to Hamburg.

1901 issue

Issued 14. Jan. 1901
Typography printing
Denomination in Finnish currency (Penni)
Demonetized: 31. May 1920
Paper: (a) smooth or (b) laid
Size 152 x 110mm

Number printed: 315 296 pc
20 pen 000

20 pen stationary cover used in June 1914.