Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

Rural Mail carrier cancellation

used from 1st July 1890 to 1983.

These number cancellations were carried by and used of the mailcarrier who walked postal routes between villages. The first 12 routes were established on 1. July 1890, in the year 1900 there were 450 routes and in 1910 1579 routes. When the system was closed down in 1983 the number exceeded 7.000.

Rural postmark no 540 on a 4 kop Ringtype postal stationary card, sent from Trångsund / Uurais 30. Aug. 1903 transit postmarked Viborg / Wiipuri, arrived St. Malo in Bretagne France 3. Sep. 1903. Rural cancel no 540 was used 1903 - 1906 on route Trångsund-Ravansaari, by Wiborg in Karelia region

Rural postmark no. 1328 on cover from Moula Dec. 1914 to Helsinki where cover was censored on arrival. This rural postmark was used three times per week on the route between the two villages Sormola and Hanttulan in Karelia. Note that the mailcarrier postmarked the cover before the stamps were attached. He was probably paid in cash when he received the letter on his route.

Rural postmark number 5, square design, used on route Paattinen-Lieto As (both about 15 km North East of Turku). Registered period of use July 1897 - August 1906. The number 5 and the other numbers between 1 and 30 are found in both circular and square design.
This card is cancelled with the rural postmark transit postmark from Lieto As 9.V.03, Turku 10.V.03 8a and arrival postmark Ekenäs 10.V.03 9e

More information you shall find in the two issued handbooks:

Berglund - Hirvikoski - Nousiainen - Personen: Maalaiskirjeenkantajien Numeroleimat 1-250; ISBN 978-952-9677-40-5
first issue from 2006, my version is third edition issued 2008

Berglund - Hirvikoski - Nousiainen - Personen: Maalaiskirjeenkantajien Numeroleimat 251-500; ISBN 978-952-9677-39-9
issued 2008

I hear that the third book - 501-750; is ready to go to the printer, but due to lack of finances this is postponed.