Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

14. Jan. 1901 Emergency Issue

Date of issue: 14. January 1901
Invalidated: 14. May 1911
Printed at AB F. Tilgmann & Co
Comb perforated 14¼ x 14¾, printed in sheets of 100

200.000 stamps were printed using not accepted Finnish plates and were allowed for distribution to distant places,
mainly in Nothern part of Finland

The Emmergency stamps are found imperforated, but only in unused condition

Postcard franked with two copies of the Emergency stamp, note the stamp in the left side is placed ontop of
the Finnish Arms which was prohibitted in August 1900. Card is used locally in Oulu.

Emergency stamp on printed matter cover used in Kurejoki 31.XII.1901 (Vaasa region).

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