Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918



Russian Censorship in Finland during WW1

Censorship tape type B

This tape is in three languages: Russian, Finnish and Swedish (OPENED BY WAR CENSOR)

The B censor tape is found in 4 sub-types, and it was used at 6 of the 10 censorship places. Kuopio, Nikolainkaupunki, Oulu, Tampere, Turku, and Vyborg.

Period of use September 1916 to end of January 1917.

Type B-I

Cyrillic letter S (Russian C) pointed in top

Type B-II

Letter R and K are directly below each other.

Type B-III

Letter "K" is under right serif of the second letter "U"

Type B-IV

Letter R and K are directly below each other. Serif of letter "R" is slanted

All type B resealing tapes are elusive and relative scarce, but type II is the most comon.
They are all printed on white and brown paper of various shades.

Cover with censor tape B sub type I used 5. Jan. 1917 at Tampere.