Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

Finnish Anti Tuberculosis Charity Stamps

Apple Tree

Artist: Akseli Gallen-Kallela
Issued number: ?
Value: 5 p
Printers: ?
Sheet: 5 X 4
Perforated: 11¼ X 11¼

Two different booklets were sold; one containing 5 leaves of 4 x 5 and one containing 1 block of 10.

Domestic card with 1908 charity stamp affixed. The card was sent from Helsinki 1909.

Postal stationary covers with seal imprinted in upper left side, size 20 x 25mm.
4.000 of these were printed in 1910. The covers are found in very varios sizes and colors
Different cliches were used on the following two covers.

Unused cover with Charity stamp imprinted on cover (size 143 x 111mm) Color of the seal is brownish orange.

Cover (153 x 120mm) sent from Rovaniemi 4. III 12. Color of seal is redish orange.

Postal stationary card with seal imprinted on backside, size 18 x 24mm.

Card sent from Borgå May 1917 to Helsinki

Äyräpää child card

Card size: 92 x 140mm
paper light yellowish

Seal, size: 13 x 17mm,
color: orange or red orrange

The number of cards are not known, but they are all very scarce

It was decided on a meating on 21.X.1912 to design and issue 5 cards with child motif designed by miss Aune Äyräpää

The earliest card I know of is used 24th of Dec. 1912


1. Two girls and one boy (I have a copy used 15.II.1914)
2. Boy and girl in summer clothes
3. Girl
4. Boy (shown here - used 21.III.1913)
5. Boy and girl in winther clothes

Man and woman

Artist: Väinö Hämäläinen
Issued number: ?
Value: 5 p
Printers: Weilin Göös
Sheet: 10 X 10
Perforated: 11½ X 11½

1910 charity stamp imprinted on back of postcard (140 x 89 mm). (above)

Card used domestic 29th Dec. 1910.

Hare and Squirrel

Artist: Väinö Blomstedt
Issued number: ?
Value: 5 p
Printers: SKS
Sheet: 10 X 10
Perforated: 11½ X 11½

Postal stationary (135 x 85 mm) card sent from Isokyrö in March 1913 to Canada.

1912 charity stamp on a postcard sent from Helsinki on 21. Dec. 1912 to Germany.

Picture side of above postcard.

Charity stamp of 1926 has same design as 1912.

Yellow Cross

Artist: Akseli Gallen-Kallela
Issued number: 750.000
Value: 5 p
Printers: Frenckell
Sheet: 4 X 5
Perforated: 11½ X 11½

Booklet containing 5 leaves of 4 x 5 were sold.

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