Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

Russification and the Finnish Protests

In the late 1880ties a political war broke out between the Finnish and the Russian authorities.
The result of this "War" is found in philatelic material the following years.
Here are some examples :

The early big touthed stamp issues upto 1875 were without any contryname
The 1875 - 1885 issues had the contry name written in Swedish and Finnish
In 1889 the Finnish arm-type stamp was changed - the name of Finland was included in Cyrillic.

The postal manifesto dated St.Petersborg May 31st 1890 (Julian calendar) made the Russian Minister of Interior the highest leader of the Finnish Post.

Essay for 1889 stamps with Finnish map, a stamp with this motive was never issued, but a 10p double Postal Stationary card had the same map of Finland printed on the upper left corner of the reply card.

In 1888-89 2-ring postmarks were substituted/supplied by the FINLAND postmarks.
During 1893 FINLAND-postmarks were replaced by bi- and trilingual postmarks.

In march 1891 the ministry announced that new stamps were to be issued 1st May 1891, the Ring-stamps with value in kopec and rubles.
Stamps in russian currency had to be used on mail to Russia from January 1st, 1892. It was also announced that Russian currency and all Russian stamps were valid in Finland.

New years greetings from Fredrikshamn sent 31. Dec.1891 to Saint Petersburg. This is a last day of use of Finnish stamps to Russia

Finnish postal stationary with postage due charge sent to Pskov, Russia in 1894.

The R-labels is a whole chapter - first label was with letter R alone (1883-1888). The second label was with FINLAND written above the R - only in Swedish (1888-1892).
Third label was with FINLAND written in 3 languages (1892-1896). From 1896 labels with city name were used
Later on a special label for mail to Russia was introduced with city name written in cyrillic - this one is from Helsinki - this label was only used at larger towns

Later on August 14th 1900 Russian stamps were to be used on all foreign mail - and 5 month later on January 14th 1901 Russian type stamps - in Finnish currency - were to be used on domestic mail as well.

The Finnish Arms were now forbidden to show so here some of the margin from stamp-sheet has been used for hiding.

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