Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918


These postmarks were used in Finnish ports to cancel incoming mail from vessels from abroad.
Most of the forign mail cancelled FRÅN UTLANDET are from Sweden, but also items from Germany (Stettin), Denmark (Copenhagen) and England (Hull) have been found.

Beside the 5 following cities (Harbours) the FRÅN UTLANDET postmark has been reported used at Reposaari (Räfsö) in 1899 and also at Mariehamn

Nikolaistad (Wasa)

FRÅN UTLANDET on cover from Sweden to Wasa Sept. 190?.

Two periods of use at Wasa recorded 1883-1889 and in 1902.

Raumo / Rauma

Cover from Sweden to Raumo June 1909. The Swedish stamp cancelled with Raumo date-stamp. Use of FRÅN UTLANDET stamp has been recorded in 1900 only.

Hangö / Hanko

Card from Sweden via Hanko April 1903 to Helsinki. Period of use at Hanko 1887 - 1923.

Åbo / Turku

Card from Sweden via Turku March 1906 to Mustiala
Period of use at Turku 1882 - 1912.

Card from Sweden sent via Turku May 1910 to Keuruu with two line Ulkomaalta / Från Utlandet Period of use 1892 - 1912. Finnish text above. Similar postmark with Swedish text above used at Wasa

Helsingfors / Helsinki

Card from Stockholm to Helsinki July 1897.

All periods of use mentioned here are from the book by Johan Kull: FINNISH MARITIME MAIL. According to this book FRÅN UTLANDET was used at Helsinki 1901 - 1908. This card is bearing a 1897 FRÅN UTLANDET probably an early Helsinki, but it could be that the card has passed Hanko or Turku without any transit postmark being added.

Shipmail from Denmark. Card from Copenhagen cancelled with Helsinki FRÅN UTLANDET June 1896 and forwarded to Borgå (Porvoo) same day