Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

Registered mail

From circulars:

Instruction for postoffices; No 10 dated 15th March 1881 §62
      " .... all registered letters to be stamped »REKOMD« ... "

Circular No 42 dated 30th Nov. 1882
      " a) ... Registered letters to be attached a label or stamp which clearly shows a big (latin) letter R ... "

Circular No 48 dated 23rd Dec. 1882
      " ... »REKOMD« may still be used ... "

Circular No 25 dated 8th Dec. 1883
      " ... »REKOMD« stamp no longer to be used ... "

A cover with REKOMD mark is missing in my collection - but I do have the mark a on pair of 5 pen (Norma 23LAa) issued in 1882.

Label with letter R alone on registrated cover sent from Turku to Helsinki in April 1886.
Label used from 1st Jan. 1883, the first year only on mail abroad.

New label with letter R and name of Finland in Swedish language was introduced in 1888, and updated version in 1890. Here is a 58 gr letter (5th weight-class) sent from Jyväskylä to Russia in 1892

Label with letter R and name of contry in Swedish, Finnish and Russian language - FINLAND * SUOMI * ФИНЛЯНДIА was used 1892 - 96. Often found like here with right side of the label is cut of, this part was ment for writing registration number. In this case registration number "35" and weight of cover "12 gr" is written in upper left corner. This cover is sent from Tampere in Jan. 1895 to Tammela

Another cover with label with letter R and name of contry in Swedish, Finnish and Russian language - FINLAND * SUOMI * ФИНЛЯНДIА but this time used as intended with registration number written in right side part of the label. The cover was sent from Turenki in January 1896 to Tampere.

Stamped registration mark with letter R and name of contry in Swedish, Finnish and Russian language - FINLAND * SUOMI * ФИНЛЯНДIА. This mark was used at Helsinki from October 1894 to Dec. 1896. Stamp from Helsinki postoffice with latin R in circle also attached.
This cover, 32 gr. (3rd weight-class) was sent from Helsinki to Berlin.

Stamped registration mark with letter R and contry name FINLAND in Swedish at the top (blurred). The mark was used at Tampere Post Station August 1890 to August 1893 and later from May 1894 to May 1896 at Tampere Railway Station. This cover is sent from Tampere Railway Station to Helsinki

Cover sent from Säkylä on 15th Nov. 1901 to Jyväskylä. Handstamped R in upper left corner from Säkylä postoffice. R-label attached at Köyliö.

Label with cityname in Finnish and/or Swedish. In circular No. IV of January 20, 1896, the postal administration (FGPO) ordered the red labels to be used in all post offices for class I and II postal letters. The first labels were printed in sheets of 100 each from which the postal employee would cut the label in number order onto the object. Later on the labels were perforated horizontally and some labels were perforated on all sides. First known label is from BORGÅ 23.III.1896 and type used until 1991 with small changes in designs.

Label with Cyrillic text to be used on mail from Finland to Russia from 1910 to March 1918, Circular No. 1423 of July 10, 1917 states that "The 3-lables used for registration of mail items to Russia will no longer be sent from the main storage, instead when the labels run out post offices are to use the regular R-labels." This cover is sent from Helsinki in 1910 to St. Petersburg

Additional labels and stamps are found.

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Matti Sipari: Arvoposti- ja Kirjaamisleimat; ISBN 952-9677-30-8

The Finnish Philatelist ISSN 1536-8807
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