Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

Fake stamps from Russian period

Forged postmarks

Watch out for backdated postmarks and fraudulent cancellations from this period!

Some people had acces to the General Postoffice's stock of old postmarks and made use of this ... perfect copies of 2-Ring ÅBO postmark on old Ringstamps or a Postal Stationary covers like this should make one suspiscious.

Among several other postmark to be aware of is the bilingual HALILA shown below. You can find a list here

Here what seems to be Mourning stamp on a 2k Wrapper with additional franking of 2 * 1k Ring-stamps sent from Halila 29.VI.00 to Hotel in Warszawa district in Poland.

Earliest known date of used mourning stamp is 7th August 1900!

Date in postmark that ties Mourning stamp to the wrapper is not readable only first digit is " - " and clearly different from the postmark (29.VI.00) cancelling the stamps.
Also note the two postmarks cancelling the stamps are blurred - which is very normal seen on wrappers due to contens - but the third postmark on the Mourning stamp is quite sharp.

Sad; but no doubt: the Mourning stamp is attached to the wrapper afterwards to make the item more atractive.

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