Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

Russian Stamps used in Finland
Russian Arms type - 1909 Issue

The 1909 issue is a new design for the 1 to 10 kop stamps, they were printed on non laid paper with a square shaped chalk overprint on the surface side.
1 kop 2 kop 3 kop 4 kop 5 kop 7 kop 10 kop
date of delivery: 15.X.1909 15.X.1909 15.X.1909 15.X.1909 2.III.1917 15.X.1909 15.X.1909 **)
number used: 1,9 mill 44 mill 8,8 mill 2,5 mill 584.000 9,4 mill 17 mill

**) 10 kop
15.X.1909 light blue
1910 dark blue

14 kop 15 kop 20 kop 25 kop 35 kop 50 kop 70 kop 1 rbl
date of delivery: 13.I.1910 13.IX.1909 5.III.1912 13.IX.1909 2.XI.1910 15.X.1909 13.I.1909 30.VI.1910 ***)
number used: 496.000 1,2 mill 1,8 mill 297.000 ca. 54.000 373.000 27.211 117.820

***) 1 Rouble
30.VI.1910 light brown
2.III.1917 dark brown

The Russian 1909 issue is found in different printings. It is possible to distingues 1st, 2nd, 3rd-5th and 6th printing.
The last one is partly issued imperforated in March 1917.

Of the 35 kop only the total number of m1889 and m1909 is known (69.225 stamps used)

Postcard sent to Belgium, per shipsmail via Copenhagen

Registered letter from KOUVOLA to WIBORG from Nov. 1912
Official letter which was free of charge, the 7kop charge is for the registration fee

10kop letter sent from Helsinki 5th July 1915 to Norway with charity stamp attached.

Single 50kop on value letter sent in March 1917 from Turku to Stockholm

Parcelcard for parcel sent from BERGHÄLL via Helsinki to Tomsk Gub. Russia

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