Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

Finnish Protests

The Russification resulted in a number of private protests, here are som examples:

Cover with Finland underlined with red and an invallidated 2p stamp in upper right corner. Valid franking placed on back of the cover.

Russian 10kop postal stationary cover sent to Sweden, an invallidated 2p stamp m/1889 (with Finnish lion and the contry name) placed on cover

Finnish map weakly printed all over the cover including the tekst "Storfurstendömet Finland" (Swedish)

The same as above but with text in Finnish.

"Grand-Duche de Finlande" stamped on a 4 kop ring-type postal stationary card

Double ring rubber stamp with text "Storfurstendömet Finland Granduche Suomi" on company cover

Double ring rubber stamp with text "Finland Suomi" on company cover

FINLAND stamped in red ink above the stamp.

Two lines stamped in red ink on cover to Schwitzerland:

Contry name not shown on the stamp, but surely the cover leaves no doubt.

Company-cover where map of Finland has been printed in the corner where the stamps usually are placed.

Cover from same company, now the stamps are hiding the map, maybe due to authorities?

Postcard with FINLAND and SUOMI printed over and under where stamp is intended to be placed.

FINLAND SUOMI printed in heavy types in upper right corner.

Company cover with FINLANDE (Grand-Duche) printed in large types.

Finland / Suomi printed in large types

Postal stationary card turned upside down before writing the address, and with Russian text overlined.

Russian text crossed over and the French term "Carte Postale" is written

No comments required.

The Flag of Swedish Speakers in Finland

The Mourning stamp. read more here.

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