Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

Russian Stamps used in Finland - Co-runners

1913 Romanov Dynasty 300 years

issued 14. January 1913

Though probably never sold at any Finnish postoffice this issue was rather populare among stamp collectors in Finland, due to the high quality and the beautiful design of the stamps in spite of the reluctance towards Russia. Postmarks from 126 Finnish postoffices have been listed in Svend Fagerholms "Das Fehlende Glied" (1969), but be aware many philatelitic items are found.
There has been some discusssion weather the stamps were sold at Finnish postoffices. The files show which denominations were delivered from St. Petersburg to the the Finnish General Post Office, but the not from which issues the stamps were delivered. From 1913 to 1915 there have been deliveries of the values 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, and 10kop only. A telegram dated October 1913 from Jamalianen director of the Postal Administration of Finland tells that the issue had not been delivered to Finland.

Postcard sent as printed matter from NYSLOTT 18.VII 1913 to Ligovo.
ДОРЛАТИТЬ    ЛИГОБО postmark (postage due) from arrival postoffice as printed matter rate was not accepted.

COD package card franked by three different issues and two currencies. 2 kop Romanov (=5 penni), 10 kop Russian 1909 issue (=25 penni) and 35 penni of the Finnish 1911 issue. The rate was 40 penni for the ½kg package, and 25 penni for the COD charge of amounts up to Fmk 100; total 65 penni.

Postcard sent from IMATRA 5.VI.1917 to Copenhagen. Censorstamp from Helsinki

3 and 7 kop Romanoff stamps covering 10 kop forign letterrate from LAPPFJÄRD 15.III.15 to Copenhagen. Tornio censor tape

10 kop Romanoff stamp on cover sent from KUOKKALA 28.VII.14 to Duisburg

14k 15k 20k 25k
35k 50k 70k 5R


1R 2R 3R

1916/17 Surcharge on m/1909 and Romanov

Some of the above, and the following are not from my collection

Below one of only two known Romanov sets with overprint in Finnish currency.
This set was offered in a Kaj Hellman Auction (25. Jan 1992 - lot 1766) same set shown in Handbook III p. 48

The bagground are not known but someone must have had plans of issuing the Romanov stamps in Finland.

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