Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918


Mute - or figure cancellations

Mute cancellations are rare on stamps of Russian design - but in early 1890ties they are also more commonly found on Finnish stamps.

<- mute postmark #441 on m/1889 10p PS card

mute postmark #400 here on 10k Russian and 10k m/1891 stamp (extremely rare on these issues) ->

<- mute postmark #441 on 7k m/1891  lettercard


10p m/1902 cancelled with  mute postmark #226 ->

#400 and #441 are both used as arrival postmarks for in-comming shipsmail
#400 in Kuopio and #441 in Turku / Åbo


postcard sent to Uleåborg franked with a 10p m/1902 cancelled with a wax-sealer .... mute ... ?

m/1911 PS card cancelled with the #226 figure cancellation

cover with pair of 10p m/1902 cancelled with figure cancellation #400