Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

"The Ring-stamps" or "m/1891" issue

Date of issue: 1. May 1891
Printed at The Russian State Printing Works, St. Petersburg
Letterpres on Horizontal laid paper
Kopek: Comb perforated 14¼ x 14¾, printed in sheets of 100 (4*25 with horizontal and vertical guttermargin).
Rubel: Line perforated 13½; 1 Rbl printed in sheets of 40; 3,50 and 7 Rbl in sheets of 25
Invalidated: 14. May 1911

The Ring type or Russian issues, both in Russian currency, were obligatory for mail to the Russian Emprie from 1st January 1892 and to all forign destinations from 14th August 1900.

1 kop 1 663 900 orange
2 kop 1 085 470 green
3 kop 662 100 carmine
4 kop 481 900 carmine
7 kop 7 646 275 blue
10 kop 981 100 blue
14 kop 558 300 blue / red
20 kop 486 700 blue / red I. divided background
II. continuous background
35 kop 259 700 violet / green
50 kop 174 000 lilac / green I. divided background
II. continuous background
1 Rbl 70 950 brown / orange
3,50 Rbl 10 000 black / gray
7 Rbl 13 450 black / yellow

This issue is very similar to the Russian "m/1889" issue. The only difference is the rings added to the design.

All kopek values printed in sheets of 100
(4*25 with horizontal and vertical guttermargin)
Imperforated essays of all values exist with overprint of Cyrillic letters OBRAZEC+(SPECIMEN)
All values exist with SPECIMEN overprint. The overprint should not be of Finnish orign but from the forign postal service which receved the stamps as UPU sample
The absolutely most interesting Finnish misprinting from this period is the 3,50 Rbl printed in the yellow and black colours of the 7 Rbl

Only very few copies exists, and as far as I know they are all postmarked POSTSTYRELSENS RÄKENSKAPS AFDELNING
and if stamp is found with other postmark then you probably have found a Fournier fake


Often fake Fournier stamp are offered as genuan stamps.
Here are two examples of Fournier fakes.
Read more here

On internetauctions suchs as eBay you often can find stamps of the Russian m/1889 issue offered as the much more expensive Ring stamps.
Here you can see the Ring stamps side by side of the Russian m/1889, then the difference is quite easy to spot.

Pair of 35 kop Ring-type on parcelcard from Terijoki to Vienna, Austria

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