Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

Finnish Postmarks

the Early part ....

One Row Cancellations, used at 39 postofficies, 1812 to 1847

Cyrillic one-line Helsingfors postmark used 1840

Cyrillic one-line Åbo postmark used 1842

Low Box Cancellations, used at 36 postofficies, from 1847 to 1882

Low box postmark from Björneborg

Low box postmark from Helsingfors, on cover to Germany

High Box Cancellations, used at 13 postofficies, from 1851 to 1889

High box postmark from Åbo

High box postmark from Nystad

Large Single Ring Cancellation, experimental postmark, used at 3 postofficies, 1856 to 1869

Large ring Helsingfors postmark on cover to Jakobstad in October 1859.

Small Single Ring Cancellation, used at 85 postofficies, from 1860 to 1893

Single ring postmark from Uleåborg on official cover from April 1871