Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

François Fournier (1846-1917) operated as a forger in Geneva from 1904 onwards. (read more)

s.s. Bore sank in the morning 31st of Dec. 1899 on her way to Stockholm.
No lives were lost but all luggage and 20 mailbags went down. (read more)

New book - Russia in Finland . (read more)

All Russian stamps were valid in Finland from 1891 to 1918.
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This site is about my hobby and great interest: philately and postal history from Finland. It mainly involves thirty years around the year 1900, thirty years which contain so much dramatic history and politics. No other area that I know of can offer suchs a range of postmarks, mixed franking between different currencies and issues, prohibited material, political protests, censorship, fieldpost etc. A big player in these dramas was the big neighbour east of Finland - Russia. If you surfe around my pages you shall find many interesting examples of this.

History In the war of 1808-1809, Russian troops conquered Finland. The country had formerly belonged to Sweden and was annexed to the Russian Empire at the Peace Treaty of Hamina on September 17th, 1809, and Finland became an autonomous Grand Duche of the Russian Empire.
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Postcard showing blond Finnish woman, Finlandia carrying the Finnish law Lex, and in the sky a two headed eagle, a symbol of the Russian Empire.
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All copies of The Finnish Philatelist can be found on the homepage of Scandianvian Collectors Club. If you like me donot read Finnish you will find these magazines a true goldmine of information if you follow the link just below.

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Russian Postal Censorship in Finland
Hannu Nummela - Postileimat

Russian censorship was performed in Finland during WW1. (read more)

Perfins from Finland is a rather small chapter. Around the world there are about 50.000 different perfins from ab. 150 postal administrations .... 11 Finnish have been found. (read more)

FRÅN UTLANDET These postmarks were used in Finnish ports to cancel incoming mail from vessels from abroad. (read more)

Destinations Not all equally scarce, but this site should take you to just about every part of the world. (read more)

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