Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

CD: Postal Censorship in Finland 1914 – 1918 (New 2012 edition)

Compiled & Edited by Roger P. Quinby

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What's New in the 2012 Postal Censorship in Finland 1914 – 1918
Catalogue and Reference Manual

1) Complete listing of all known censor stamp, including all subtypes, resealing tapes, postal and censor wax seals, censor signatures or initials. This listing includes many new subtypes and newly reported censor signatures from Kuopio, Oulu, Rauma, Tampere, Turku and Wyborg.
2) Numerous newly reported extreme dates.
3) Virtually all main censor stamps and resealing tapes are illustrated in full color on cover with commentary about usage.
4) The listing for Oulu censor stamp No. 1 with its many subtypes has been reorganized and reclassified according to design format.
5) Certain Tornio censor tapes have been delisted or discussion suggests delisting if existence unconfirmed by next edition. See listings.
6) Tornio censor tape No. 15 and its seven varieties clearly described.
7) Kuopio paper seal illustrated for first time.
8) Certain Helsinki censor tapes delisted or reorganized. See listings.
9) Rarity scales have been suggested for resealing tapes where sufficient census available.
10) The Juhani Olamo essay on postal censor ship is newly edited
11) New Appendix with:
a) new rarity analysis and recommended new rarity scale.
b) detailed illustration of the generic three language resealing tapes without location identification.
c) general timeline of significant events from July 1914 to January 1918.
d) FGPO bulletins from 1914 to 1917 relevant to postal censorship
e) Bibliography of significant articles on postal censorship published in The Finnish Philatelist.

The basic purpose of this guide and reference manual is to make available in one easy to use spiral bound book or CD all the essential information and references to begin a serious specialized collection of postal censoring in Finland during WWI. This guide should also make it easier for collectors of other areas of Finnish philately to identify censor ship marking from this period. This catalogue and reference guide will be especially valuable for the non-Finnish reader.

This is the most complete, comprehensive and up-to-date catalogue listing of the more than 1250 different marks and indicia of censorship applied in by the FGPO during WWI. The variety and types of marks alone makes this a fascinating area of study.


Table of Contents:
















Introduction - Olamo

Introduction to Postal Censorship in Finland

By Juhani Olamo





City Censor Offices



   Helsinki - Helsingfors

Catalogue Listings

H 1-83


Catalogue Listings

K 1-25

   Nikolaukaupunki - Wasa

Catalogue Listings

N 1-35

   Oulu - Uleåborg

Catalogue Listings

O 1-31

   Pori - Björnborg

Catalogue Listings

P 1-9

   Rauma - Raumo

Catalogue Listings

R 1-12

   Tampere - Tammerrfors

Catalogue Listings

Ta 1-37

   Tornio - Torneå

Catalogue Listings

To 1-53

   Turku - Åbo

Catalogue Listings

Tu 1-24

   Wyborg - Viipuri

Catalogue Listings

V 1-31







Appendix   1

Rarity Analysis & Tables


Appendix   2

Generic Resealing Tapes


Appendix   3

War / Censorship Timeline 1914 - 1918


Appendix   4

1914 FGPO Bulletins


Appendix   5

1915 FGPO Bulletins


Appendix   6

1916 FGPO Bulletins


Appendix   7

1917 FGPO Bulletins


Appendix   8





21. Nov. 2012