Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

Censorship in Finland during WW1

Viipori - Wiborg

2nd October 1914 - 26th November 1917

Neutral tapes of both type A and type B were used were used at Viipori
and also a trilingual tape with city name - in Swedish spelled Viborg, was used in 1917

Viipuri censortape with city name - here early use in February 1917

Censortape type A, blue paper, used in 1914

19 different censor stamps found used at Viipuri, here are examples:

Parcelcard from Russia to Viipuri May 1915 with censorstamp nr. 4

Stationary postcard with censorstamp nr 5, card sent to Sortavala in October 1915

Censorstamp type 6 used in June 1915, and top of censortape type A, white paper.

Censorstamp type 12 on cover used 1915

Censorstamp nr. 14 and nr. 18 on card sent from **** to Reval, Estonia in May 1917

Cover from Kristiania (Oslo), Norway, February 1917, to Viipuri with censorstamp nr. 16, cover also bearing censortape from Helsinki