Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

Censorship in Finland during WW1

Tampere - Tammerfors

November 1914 - April 1917

Only neutral tapes were used were used at Tampere - Tammerfors
- of both type A and type B used

24 different censor stamps found used at Tampere, here are examples:

Tampere censorstamp nr. 1 used on postal stationary card in November 1914

Tampere censorstamp nr. 2 used on postal stationary card in December 1914

Tampere censorstamp nr. 3 on cover used September 1915

Censortape without city name, type A, and censorstamp nr. 4 used at Tampere 25. March 1915

Censorstamp nr. 10 used on a moneytransfer card in August 1915

Censorstamp nr. 11 used on postcard in December 1915

Censorstamp nr. 21 used on postcard in November 1916

Censortape type B and censorstamp nr. 17 and nr. 22 on cover used January 1917

In a period censorstamps from Helsinki were used at Tampere
due to ..... ? lack of Tampere censorstamps ? here are some exampels:

Helsinki censorstamp nr. 9 on cover sent from Imatra to Tampere in December 1915.
Two Tampere postmarks on the back, no Helsinki.

Helsinki censorstamp nr. 11 used at Tampere