Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

Censorship in Finland during WW1

Rauma - Raumo

24th October 1914 - 20th March 1917

Only neutral tapes of type A were used at Rauma

Examples of the only two censortape, both type A, used at Rauma - white and blue paper

7 different censor stamps found used at Rauma, here are examples:

Unusual use of Rauma censorstamp no 2. A 10 pen stationary card, which was not valid to mail abroad has been uprated with a Russian 4 kop m/1909 stamp and sent to Stockholm in November 1914. Usually forign mail was censored Tornio or Helsinki, this card could have gone with boat directly from Raumo to Stockholm.

Rauma censorstamp nr. 3 on cover sent from Helsinki to Rauma in June 1915