Postal History from Finland 1889 - 1918

Censorship in Finland during WW1

Pori - BjÖrneborg

October 1914 - March 1917

Pori had no cencortapes with city name
only neutal tapes

Cover censored on arrival of Pori, sealed with censor tape without city name (type A)

Seven different consor stamps found used at Pori, here are examples:

Cover from BrandÖ March 1916 to Pori with censor stamp no. 4, censor no 3.

Card sent from KÖyliÖ 5th October 1916 to Pori, arrival postmark 6th October 1916. Censor stamp dated 23rd September 1916. Censor stamp is dated by Julian calender (used by Russians)